Sailing and Repairs

Yesterday I supposed to meet Steve to fix the club boats and also sort out the rigging on Rob’s boat. It was raining for most of the day, so we didn’t. We said we would do it today if the weather was good. Once again there were light winds and I felt it would be too boring.

I went out for the first race and I knew it wouldn’t be exciting. It was too shifty and around marks 7 and 2 things where even worse. At some point after every tack I was getting a header. I got quite angry and I ended up chasing Ben, Tom and Laura. They all finished ahead of me and I wasn’t looking forward to the next race. That was quite bad, because I wasn’t really enjoying myself.

Anyway, I went out for the second race and things were slightly better. At least, I was ahead of Ben. Not that he didn’t come close to me, but I managed to fight him off. I had a few battles with Laura, Tom, Rob and Corbin. At some point as we were running by the lee, Laura gybed around and she found herself on port, windward to an RS200 that was reaching. She got pushed all the way to the other side of the Harp, so much that I couldn’t stop laughing. She is quite good, though, and light and she managed to recover and finish ahead of me!

I finished 11th with Laura and Corbin ahead of me, but with James, Ben, Alan and Tom behind me. And Rob DNF’d. So, it wasn’t that bad after all.

After the races, I had lunch and we started repairing the club boats. I helped Pete change Widowmaker’s (that’s his bike) tyres, replaced Bruce’s (club Laser) self bailer and sorted out Rob’s rigging and put his deck-cleats. Hopefully, the fix on Bruce will sort out the serious leaking problem. We’ll see on Wednesday. Hopefully it will be windy too, otherwise I will have to learn a wind dance.