Month: January 2007

Disappointing Results

This morning I was expecting 15-17 knots wind and I would try to keep a curvier sail in order to have more speed. I think this was the problem last week. I was de-powering my rig too much in order to keep it under control and I didn’t have enough power, upwind, to move through…

Windy & Wet

I was expecting strong wind today and I got it. It’s just that it was too strong. I de-powered the rig to keep the boat upright but I de-powered so much that the boat was moving fast enough through the wind. I was getting in-irons and I was loosing time trying to get moving again….

Individual Recall

Today it was windy once again and a bit chilly. I tested my new titanium lined rash vest made by Nookie. They make gear for kayakers but some of that is quite useful to us, sailors, too. Quite nice top and warm too. Anyway, back to sailing. I have sorted out all the rigging, so…

Happy New Year!

First sailing day of the year and my name day. Although it’s January, I cannot say that it has been very cold. Hopefully it won’t get any colder than this, so we can keep sailing. I was nice and early, rigged my boat and got to the line in time. I had a good start…

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