Windy & Wet

I was expecting strong wind today and I got it. It’s just that it was too strong. I de-powered the rig to keep the boat upright but I de-powered so much that the boat was moving fast enough through the wind. I was getting in-irons and I was loosing time trying to get moving again. My back was getting hit by the low boom and I even capsized a few times. It was hard work but I enjoyed it.

On both races I finished 7th out of 9. I was hoping for a better position, but realistically I couldn’t do any better. It’s just that I was thinking that I would be able to beat Brent and even maybe Pete. Unfortunately today wasn’t the day. I have been feeling that they are quite close and easy to get to, but it seems that it’s easier for them to slip away. I think that maybe I was too de-powered and next time I have to let me outhaul out a bit.

I might sail next Saturday. We’ll see how things go.