Happy New Year!

First sailing day of the year and my name day. Although it’s January, I cannot say that it has been very cold. Hopefully it won’t get any colder than this, so we can keep sailing. I was nice and early, rigged my boat and got to the line in time.

I had a good start and I managed to stay towards the top of fleet for a while. After a while I fell behind. At some point I saw Brent behind me and I tried to stay ahead of him. Eventually I managed to finish in front of him at 5th place out of 7. I was quite glad with the result and I hope that will be able to finish very close to him and maybe some times ahead of him.

On the second race I started well but here were only three other Lasers and all three of them are much better and more experienced sailors than I am. I tried to stay at the top for as long as I could but I finished 4th out of 4. It wasn’t that bad because the others are really good and I was quite close behind them.

Overall I am really happy with today’s performance. In Greece we believe that if during the first days of the new year you are doing well, the whole year is going to be like that. Well, I hope the whole year I am going to be doing as good as today.