Fluky Wednesday

Today I left the office later than usual and I was worried that I would be late. Fortunately though, I managed to avoid traffic. I picked up David from his work and with our shared knowledge of shortcuts, we managed to get there early.

The wind today was supposed to be at around 6-7 knots. When we arrived it seemed OK and as we went to the start line we had a nice breeze. Soon after it eased down and it got light and fluky. I was quite close with Tom and Rob. Me and Tom got away and we were battling to the end. Finally I finished 12th behind Tom.

I really want some wind because I am fed up with these light winds. On Sunday it’s the Aldenham Open Meeting. If the forecast says it will be windy, I will go. Otherwise, I will sail at the Harp. I promised Rob, that on Saturday I will help him sort out his rigging and setup his new deck cleats.