Grumpy Sailor…

Today, I was hoping that I would do better than Wednesday. I arrived at the club, rigged Bubble and got ready. Although I hadn’t recovered completely from last Sunday’s Open Meeting and Wednesday’s race, I was expecting to do better.

On the first race, I had a terrible start and ended up last, minus those who DFNed. I could not focus on the race at all. I have to admit that I had some personal problems who I couldn’t get out of my mind and I think that they bothered me a lot. The second race was almost a repeat of the first and that put me in a really bad mood.

I thought that I could clear my mind up for a couple of hours while being on the water , so I will give my mind a rest and be able to enjoy sailing. I couldn’t. I don’t know really, this is what I liked about sailing in the beginning. A year, ago when I started sailing, while I was on the water, I would focus on sailing and couldn’t think of anything else. Now, I cannot do it anymore. Maybe it is because I can sail without thinking about it. Unfortunately, I cannot be competitive this way.

Anyway, more on Wednesday.