Bad Run?

Wednesday today and it’s my last day sailing before my holidays. I am not very happy with my performance lately, so I decided not to let it bother me so much, since I am going away for a week, so I will have break from it. Usually it seems to help.

I arrived at the club and rigged Bubble. I was expecting lighter wind, so I was pleasantly surprised. The wind eased a bit as we were racing, but it was OK. I had a bad start but I tried to recover. I was battling with Tom and Jane. Half way through the race, Tom go away but at least I managed to keep Jane close. Towards the end I managed to get very close to Tom and break away from Jane. As I was approaching the finish line it looked like a very close finish with Tom.

I finished behind him at 5th place, but he admitted that he go really worried. It looks like I am having a bad run, but now I am only looking forward to my holiday that start on Friday. So, I won’t see you until next week.