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Ahead of the Curve

The pace of innovation in the fintech world is breathtaking with new apps launching every day. Curve is the latest example of an app that has the potential to revolutionise how we pay for goods and services. So what is Curve? it’s neither a bank account or a credit card. Curve is the card that you…

Clef v Google Authenticator v Authy

If any of you have a Google/GMail account I am sure you have seen the prompts to setup 2 factor authentication (2FA). The way 2FA works is that not only do you enter a password, but a pin is sent to you via SMS and you have to enter that, too in order to login….

A week with GiffGaff

I had been a loyal T-Mobile customer for nearly 19 years. Obviously when I first signed-up it was called Mercury One2One, then just One2One and eventually T-Mobile. During those 19 years i only went through 3 tariffs. The reason being that those tariffs were cheap and every time I would upgrade they were trying to…

Tokio (SEGA) smartphone review

During my last trip abroad, I had the chance to test under everyday use the Tokio smartphone. You can find the Tokio products in a Sega Prize Locker, Axe Master, Key Master or Key Master Giant prize arcade game. Tokio Technology is a Sega electronics brand. They sell prizes and merchandise for the arcade games mentioned above….

Chromecast review

As you most probably have heard, Google’s Chromecast made it on this side of the Atlantic. I was looking forward to it because it was promised to be quite good. It would turn any TV to a Smart TV. It would have BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, and other TV and streaming services. I was actually…