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A week with GiffGaff

I had been a loyal T-Mobile customer for nearly 19 years. Obviously when I first signed-up it was called Mercury One2One, then just One2One and eventually T-Mobile. During those 19 years i only went through 3 tariffs. The reason being that those tariffs were cheap and every time I would upgrade they were trying to…

Tokio (SEGA) smartphone review

During my last trip abroad, I had the chance to test under everyday use┬áthe Tokio smartphone. You can find the┬áTokio products in a Sega Prize Locker, Axe Master, Key Master or Key Master Giant prize arcade game. Tokio Technology is a Sega electronics brand. They sell prizes and merchandise for the arcade games mentioned above….

Everything Home

If you have an Android phone, stop what you are doing (no, actually carry on reading my wonderful blog), go to Google Play and download Everything Home. I have always been skeptical of revolutionary ways to do things differently than we are used to, but in this case… I have to agree with everybody else….