Training Day

Yesterday and today we had two days of training with two top coaches. Jon Emmett, Radial National Champion and Steve Powell, Laser National Champion.

We were divided into two fleets A and B. I was on B fleet. First we were briefed, then checked our boats and we were given tips on rigging and how to improve it and then went out on the water. The wind had picked up and there quite a few capsizes. We were doing following the leader, tack on whistle and gybe on whistle. There was a bit of problem with some people on keeping a straight line and controlling their speed. Tacking was OK, but Jon was quite hard on us. He would ask us to tack at very short intervals sometimes. We went in for lunch and we were “told off” for not keeping in line on follow the leader. We were also shown a video of what we had been doing and how to improve things.

When we came out, people seemed to be able to form a line and hold it easier. What I found difficult is slowing down a lot. Then it was time for the gybes. Loads of gybes. So many gybes that we didn’t know if we were on port or starboard. When we finished and went back in, we saw the video and this time we were able to see how much better things were after we were told how to do things properly. This helped us improve a lot! At the end of the day we had a drink and went home.

This morning we were back at the Welsh Harp and since there was hardly any wind, we did were advised on fitness and diet. In the afternoon the wind picked up and we went out for two short practice races. On the first one I had a quite good start, but soon I dropped back. On the second race I was really late for the start because I was taking off some excess gear I had. As a result I was the last to cross the start-line.

Later at de-briefing I was really picked on about that, but that’s life really isn’t it? The whole training was good and I think it was a really good for me. I definitely learned a couple things and I think that I have really improved my gybes. Time will tell.

More action on Sunday with possibly an Open Meeting at Fisher’s Green.