The Low Point

Light wind this evening and although I had a good start, things got worse. I was almost first off the line but I needed to get on the other side of the lake.

Anyway, at some point the fleet was split into to two groups. I was leading the second group and I was sailing towards buoy 2. As we were approaching the mark at low speed someone pointed that we were heading to a training mark rather than racing mark 2. They just bore away and went straight there but as I was to the windward of all of them, they rounded the mark ahead of me. I managed to get close to them and regain some of the lost ground, but I couldn’t get the whole thing out of my mind and concentrate on the race. As a result, I couldn’t sail properly, I didn’t have the patient required for this wind and I ended up 9th out of 10!

Considering the fact that people who usually finish behind me, ended up ahead of me, it wasn’t a good result at all. I was quite pissed off and I have to try and forget the whole thing. Hopefully, Sunday is going to be better. We’ll see.