Odd Weather

When I arrived at the club it was fairly windy. When I was rigging it was quite hard because of the 13-knot wind. When I launched it started raining cats and dogs and just minutes before the start, the wind dropped to almost nothing.

I had a quite good start and I was second off the line with Corbin first. In those light winds, though, we didn’t last. Dan, Ben and Steve where leading and Corbin was even getting away from me. Then I saw Pete slipping away. I was racing Rob and Kieran. Rob, being lighter, managed to get away quite easy on a downwind leg. I was trying to hold Kieran back, but he is more experienced than me. Not in Lasers, but still more experienced and he definitely knows the Welsh Harp better than I do. The shifts and fluky wind continued all the way to the finish.

I ended up 8th out of 11 boats. Not great, but this is what it was. The forecast for Sunday is strong winds, so I hope I will do better.