Not Sailing

As I said on the last post, I am not sailing today. We are visiting Lydia’s sister in Bolton. During the week the weather was good, but yesterday it got cold and today it was raining and snowing with quite strong winds.

At the harp they cancelled the second race because it was too windy. I guess it was quite bad then. I was told that not many people finished the first race, so things haven’t changed a lot in the standings.

This week is going to be quite busy, sailing wise. On Monday I will appear in the club’s committee meeting (although I am not a member of the committee, I would like to raise a couple of issues and I was given the opportunity), on Tuesday I am meeting Steve to work on the calendar, on Wednesday there is a talk on Racing at the club from Mike McNamara, on Thursday work on calendar again. We might have to finish the calendar on Saturday if we won’t manage to finish it on Thursday.

Then, racing next Sunday (it’s the last day of the Winter Series) and training on Monday and Tuesday. I ‘ll keep you updated.