No Sailing This Weekend

Today is the Greek Orthodox Easter. It is considered one of the most important celebrations of the Christian Orthodox religion. More Important than Christmas actually. Therefore, traditionally we have a big feast that supposedly comes after 40 days of lent. Anyway, for every Greek even if not religious, like me, it is an important day that we spend with family and friends. So I hope you that I am excused from sailing this Sunday. At the WSC they have the New Members Tea today so I really wanted to be there.

I have found out that they didn’t actually sail because of the lack of the wind. The new members were given a talk about racing and they were shown how to rig a GP14. They arranged for all new members to do a full day’s racing on a Sunday, so I will have to arrange that with someone, and in the end they had the tea. Sounds interesting and I wish I could be there for the talk on racing, but never mind. I might try to get racing sooner with someone else.

More action, hopefully, on Wednesday.