Mulled Wine and Scones

Today was my last sailing Saturday for the year. It was a bit cold, but still it was OK. I was late for the first race but I joined in at the back, which is like if I had a really bad start. I completed the course and went in. I was in quite early actually. And Matt and Ben had tied their boats on a buoy, so I “ferried” Matt to the ramp. I sailed slowly next to his boat and he jumped onto mine. So, he avoided getting into the water up to his chest.

Today during the break there mulled wine as well as tea and coffee, so I went for that and a scone. Since the break was quite long, I had a second cup, in order to keep me warm while waiting. On the second race I had a quite good start but since the wind was light, I was not moving fast enough. Light wind sailing is one of the things that I need to improve on. Eventually I finished 7th out of 8. Not great, but it was OK.

Tomorrow is my last day sailing for this year.