Light Wednesday

For the past couple of weeks, we have been having light winds. It is a bit annoying, because we need a bit more. Especially in a place like the Welsh Harp where it surrounded by trees, buildings and a wall.

I arrived at the club nice and early, I started rigging and there was some talk that the wind might pick up at sun down. So I was advised to wear my hikers. The wind didn’t pick up and I would be better in my shorts. Not that that the hikers bothered me a lot, so I was fine.

I didn’t have a good start. I was close to the line, but Steve and Roger came from the top of the line and I was covered by them. So I didn’t have any wind at the gun. It took me some time to get off the line. I did it eventually but I was towards the end of the fleet. I didn’t get very close to people ahead of me, but I managed to keep back the usual suspects. Laura threatened my position a couple of times, when she picked up a gust, but I managed to stay ahead of her. I finished 9 out of 13. I went in and quickly de-rigged and covered Bubble.

She needs cleaning, but a Wednesday evening is not good for that. If I have time on Sunday I might give the cockpit and deck a quick wash. The club during the winter sold the two old Lasers we had and I are left with only three. If we had a fourth one, today it would have been out. Steve bought one, earlier tonight, through eBay for the club. It is an Aussie hull 165xxx number. Australian Lasers have the reputation of being faster boats. It seems to be in a quite good condition. It will need some more money and work in order to XD it, but it will be an afternoon’s work with a couple of pints for the Laser gang. When it’s ready, I might put a photo of it on the blog.