Laser Jokes

Most probably you all know by now, that I am looking for an old second hand Laser. In my quest I have come across some ads that sound quite good, but if you see pictures of the boats in question you will be surprised. For obvious reasons I won’t link to the ads or mention where they are from. Below, you can see two of the ads I have spotted. Any text in italics is a direct quote from the source and my comments are in regular text. Enjoy…

  1. Although the boat has seen a lot of use, it is fully water tight and ready to sail.

    There are some areas of the rim of the deck which could do with patch-repair (see photos) if you want the boat to look its best.

    This would make a great boat for anyone perhaps looking for a first dinghy or wanting to move onto dinghy racing.Laser-Joke-1a
    On the first photo you can see the genially has been repaired already once and the gelcoat has seriously cracked again. Most probably if you push your hand in there, your fingers will disappear inside the deck. Second photo shows a bow in a terrible state. If this is not due to careless owner, it means that they had tied a dog on that bow fairlead and the dog tried to chew the bow to get free. As for the mast step, if you look closely, it has been repaired. Other than that “Although the boat has seen a lot of use, it is fully water tight and ready to sail.” Watertight? Are you sure? It certainly doesn’t look like it!
  2. Turquoise Hull, White deck, deck repair to bow, and gelcoat repair needed to bow stem, 1 x grabrail missing, other than that its a sound hull. The mast step doesn’t leak, and hasn’t been repaired.
    The world’s first flip-top Laser. I really don’t know what that webbing strap is supposed to do. Keep the two bits together? The send me this photo after I asked for a photo of the deck repair. I have to admit that the repair was described to me as “not pretty” but also as “very well done job”. The asking price for this boat is £200! Any takers? Why? “…other than that its a sound hull”!