Today, I went to the club quite early. There was a nice wind, quite steady, not very gusty and I quite enjoyed it. I went to the club quite early and I had plenty of time to have chat with Steve and rig my boat.

I had to help a new member rig his boat and that took a bit of time so I was quite late in the water. My start was OK and I was not doing bad. I was racing with someone else, most of the time. I have been improving in general and although I don’t move up the fleet at a great rate, I come closer and closer to some people. The other sign of progress is that while the Merlin Rockets used to lap me, now it happens rarely. Actually it gets more and more rare that they will pass me.

More experienced sailors always have some advice to give me which means that I still have plenty of room for improvement. Today I finished ninth. There were 12 or 13 Lasers on the water tonight and all 5 club Lasers were out! I feel more and more comfortable in the boat and I think that all the different things start coming together.

On Sunday, I won’t sail in the Harp. Me, Steve and Liam are going to a Laser Open Meeting organised by Deben Yacht Club.